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Getting outside while social distancing

Our of isolation

After more than a month of being cooped up, we headed up to Etowah Friday.  Gorgeous weather.  Good thing too, as we spent a fair amount of time looking for my drives in the woods.  As always, the people we met on the course were super nice.  I think everyone was just glad to be out of the house for a few hours.

Several of the courses around Atlanta have been closed due to the Corona outbreak, which is understandable.  But Etowah, which is located about 40 miles outside Atlanta and stayed open.

Overlooking our accomplishments
Overlooking our accomplishments

One of my favorite aspects of Etowah is how isolated the bulk of the course is from pedestrian areas.  There are few holes that you will come in to contact with anyone other than other golfers.

Mulligan can't find the hole.
Mulligan is looking the wrong way

While it was a mostly dry day, there were a few close calls.

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